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SEO Marketing is a professional service that will get your website ranking at the top of Google listings. We do keyword research, on-page optimisation, content marketing and link building to get you top listings in the organic search results and generate high quality leads from your website into your business or ecommerce store.

You can have an incredible online presence with our search engine optimisation (SEO) services. We make sure that people find you when they are searching for what you offer online. And we won’t stop until we know that every single customer who comes to us is satisfied with their experience.

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Top Google Results in NZ Local Business Case Study
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How Does Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Work?

Getting your website to rank at the top of Google can seem like an impossible task.

Your competitors are getting better rankings than you and it’s costing you business. You’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked so far.

For the past 10 years here at SEO Marketing we have been implementing a proven search engine optimisation system to get websites ranking well in Google search results for relevant keywords that customers use when searching online for products or services they need.

Our Auckland SEO service helps you generate more leads and sales from organic traffic as opposed to paid ads on Facebook or Adwords which cost too much money over time if you don’t know what you’re doing with them.

Our team of experts work with you one-on-one to improve your site content, optimise all of the technical elements needed for high rankings in the search engines and build quality links back into your site from other authoritative websites related to yours so that Google knows that people trust your website enough to link back into it.

Keyword Research

Search engine optimisation starts with solid keyword research. In New Zealand, we witness a lot of digital marketing campaigns that have unclear target keywords, which results in a waste of resources.

We’ll research the actual keywords that your potential customers are typing in Google and use those terms to produce content which will rank at the top of search engines. With our keyword research service, you will be able to strategically build out a website with an accurate depiction of what anyone who searches for this particular topic is looking for.

On-Page SEO Optimisation

Often overlooked, this is a key component of an effective search engine optimisation strategy.

We take care of all the hard work when it comes to optimising your web pages so that you don’t have to worry about technical details, code, featured snippets, and details such as keyword distribution. Search engine optimisation can get very nitty gritty and very technical. Fortunately for you, we have people in our team who enjoy doing these tasks.

We take care of all your on-page SEO requirements. Does your content have enough keywords? Is it optimised for images and accessibility? Are you missing an essential subtitle or data snippet? Did you get carried away and have too much content on you page or too many H tags? We’ll look after all of this so you don’t have to.

Website Speed Optimisation: Core Web Vitals

The days of slow loading websites are over. Websites must be lightning fast and responsive. We will make sure your website loads on a dime and maximises its search engine ranking potential.

Recently Google launched the Core Web Vitals update, which puts a lot of emphasis on fast loading and responsive websites. Even though the writing has been in the wall for years that website speed was a ranking factor, it is now not optional anymore and if your website is not fast enough it will be dropped off of the rankings sooner or later.

Speed optimisation and search engine optimisation are now part of the same process. We have a system to make sure that your website loads with lighting speed and our clients have a big edge against their competitors.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way for companies to communicate with their customers without coming off as intrusive. It involves blogging, media appearances, or online and social media conversations in efforts to create awareness of your company. We’ve seen this tactic work really well for multiple clients across many different markets.

We all know that content marketing is an effective search engine optimisation tactic, but most small businesses don’t have the time or expertise it takes to implement a plan. We not only relieve you from the difficult task of building content campaigns – we make sure your content is engaging and converts into leads and sales.

We work with you to create a content marketing strategy that includes:

  • A content plan
  • A publishing schedule
  • Blog posts with engaging content and rich images
  • On-Page optimisation so they have the best chances at ranking at the top of organic search listings

Link Building

We offer link building as part of our SEO services.

Link building is one of those search engine optimisation topics with a lot of myths. At SEO Marketing we ignore myths and focus on getting results.

We have a solid process to acquire the right type of backlinks to get top rankings for your website.

How To Get Started With Search Engine Optimisation: What Is Your Next Step?

Whether you run your own digital marketing or SEO campaigns, or you partner with our SEO services to help you get top Google Rankings, the process of search engine optimisation remains the same.

Even though this process is complex and involves many nuances, it can summarised in the 7 steps that we describe below.

1 – Find The Right Keywords

The first step of any SEO strategy is keyword research. Find keywords that your target customer searches by looking at Google Suggest or tools such as Ahrefs.

2 – Analyse Google’s First Page

You found some great keywords and now it’s time to see what’s already working for them. To do that, just type in one of the keywords you’ve uncovered into Google. Scan through the top 10 results and jot down any patterns you notice. This is the competitors research component of your search engine optimisation strategy.

3 – Come Up With Different or Better Content Ideas

The key to world class SEO content is finding a way to make it different or better than the other websites on your topic. We help our New Zealand and international clients by suggesting content ideas that give them an edge in the search engine results.

4 – Link Worthy Content

There is a strong correlation between links and first page Google rankings. This has always been the case and it is still the case in 2021. You need to plan your content in a way that is going to attract links naturally.

5 – On-Page Optimisation

Optimising your content for SEO is a vital step in the process of your online marketing. On this step you will work on Semantic SEO and internal linking, which are important aspects that can have an impact on how well your website ranks in search engines like Google.

6 – Optimise To Satisfy Search Intention

The most important thing for any website is to offer visitors a successful user experience.

People search with an intention. They are have a specific problem they need to solve, and/or a specific question they need to answer. Does you page help them complete their task successfully?

If it doesn’t, even when you get all the other factors right, your webpage won’t get to the top (or stay at the top) because it doesn’t offer a successful user experience for search engine users.

7 – Make Your Content Look Good

Design is the most underrated part of content marketing and can make or break your entire website. By including graphs, charts screenshots, and pictures to enhance the visual aspect you are giving people what they want – a multimedia experience that goes beyond just words on a page.

What our clients say about our Auckland SEO Services:

SEO Marketing Testimonials

“Since engaging Marcos my online enquiry has quadrupled. Without ranking well, there really was no point having a website. I have found Marcos reliable, honest and a true professional.”

Real Estate Agent in Auckland, NZ, SEO Marketing Testimonial

Tom Rawson – Top Performing Real Estate Agent

I have used Marcos for a number of different SEO projects over the years as I know I will always get quality work delivered with a great depth of understanding around all aspects of SEO. Marcos possess the rare talent of not only being able to think in a strategic manner when it comes to SEO but he is also very hands on and practical and is able to implement the strategies he recommends.

Search Marketing Expert Seomarketing Testimonial

Brad Guthrie – General Manager at Search Republic, Search Republic

“We have used Marcos to undertake our SEO services for over two years now. His expertise is second to none, his strategy worked really well for us, and we have seen strong gains over a long period now.

Our business relies heavily on getting good quality traffic, and he showed us the benefits of having a strong, consistant and disciplined approach to online marketing.

Our rise in rankings has been strong but steady, there were no over night miracles, just sustainable results built upon a strong foundation”

Digital Marketing Expert Seomarketing Testimonial

Jitendra Patel – Digital Marketer

We partnered with Marcos to undertake market validation using Facebook Ads.  We valued his’ expertise, integrity and efficiency.  Marcos was refreshingly proactive in suggesting/instigating various solutions to barriers we came across and was someone we could rely on to get the job done, and well. Marcos knows what’s he’s doing and provides results.

Auckland Digital Entrepreneur Seomarketing Testimonial

Janey Carr – Digital Entrepreneur


There’s a saturation of digital marketers out there and even more so guys that talk the talk, but rarely do you find someone who walks the walk, but Marcos is that guy. I really enjoy his straight shooting approach. When you hand over the reins to him and let him do what he does best…my gosh it’s awesome. I’m really stoked that I pulled the trigger myself personally. It’s been a 3X investment since November last year, and this year with some scale we are on track and forecasting 5 to 10x, easily.

Financial Advisor in Auckland NZ, SEO Marketing Testimonial

Matthew Willoughby – Financial Advisor & Entrepreneur

Hey Marcos,

Amazed. Quite something to have created that much internet chatter.
Progress to date is great.

Canadian export business seomarketing testimonial

Matthew Moore – President & CEO Coastline Cordage Group Ltd.

Marcos has done an exceptional job for us and always focused on delivering results not just spending our money. With so many options out there we are very grateful to be able to have a partner like Marcos who we can trust and understands our business.

Auckland Business Owner Seomarketing Testimonial

Adam Thomson – Director | A T Realty Limited & 360 Property Management

Let’s have a look at some of our clients results

SEO Marketing Search Engine Optimisation Case Studies

iGaming – Client Acquisition in Highly Competitive International Markets Through Organic Search

Due to the highly competitive nature of this industry we are not able to disclose the domains that we are working with. However, we are allowed to publish the Ahrefs summary of ranking keywords and traffic of two domains from our portfolio.

Undisclosed Website A:

iGaming Organic Search Performance Overview by Ahrefs for domain A
Click On Image To See Full Size

Website A is generating over 4,000 visits a month in the highly competitive iGaming niche without using any type of paid traffic source. Even though Ahrefs estimates the value of this traffic at $15K, we know that this is worth many times this amount.

Undisclosed Website B:

iGaming Organic Search Performance Overview by Ahrefs for domain B

Website B is generating almost 3,000 visits a month in the highly competitive iGaming niche without using any type of paid traffic source. Even though Ahrefs estimates the value of this traffic at almost $20K, we know that this is worth many times this amount.

Our combined website portfolio in this niche has been generating a revenue in the range between $50K and $100K per month during the last 5 years.

Martial Arts Gym – SEO Auckland Case Study

Top Google Results in Auckland Local Business Case Study
Click On Image To See Full Size

Maritime Industry – Australasian Market

SEO Top Rankings in Australasian Market
Click On Image To See Full Size

Laser Tattoo Removal – Auckland SEO Top Ranking

Top Google Results in Auckland Website
Click On Image To See Full Size

Laser Tattoo Removal – Christchurch SEO Results

Top Google Results in NZ Local Business Case Study
Click On Image To See Full Size

Maritime Industry – United Arab Emirates Market

Top Google Results in UAE Case Study
Click On Image To See Full Size
Top Search Marketing Rankings Results in UAE - Example
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Maritime Industry – Perth, Australian Market

Top Organic Rankings in SEO Campaign for Client
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The Story Behind SEO Marketing

Marcos Azaro is the brains behind SEO Marketing. Marcos moved to New Zealand from Argentina in 2002, and had a successful career as a Digital Specialist in organisations such as ASB , Vodafone and Yellow Pages.

In 2010 he ventured into the waters of independent digital consulting and he successfully implemented SEO services and strategies that drove millions of dollars of growth for his clients overseas and in New Zealand.

Some of the highlights of his digital breakthroughs took place in the iGaming market, in which he was responsible for creating strategies and running the teams that drove significant growth to his European client in this highly competitive “dog eats dog” type of market.

Even though he has been involved in campaigns that involve multiple teams and hundreds of thousands of dollars in resources, he is also keen on “rolling up his sleeves” and dealing one-on-one with business owners who are committed to their business growth.

With a can-do attitude and a creative approach to providing effective SEO services under restrictions of budget and resources, Marcos can be the partner that you are looking for to deliver real growth to your Auckland or New Zealand local business or eCommerce website.

One of his mottos is “results over reports”, which describes his disregard for formalities and long pretty reports full with words and graphs that mean little to the client, and instead deliver meaningful conversations and/or email exchanges to communicate what needs to be communicated.

SEO Training

We have a keen appreciation for the Kiwi can-do attitude and we are happy to support those business owners and entrepreneurs that are happy to get their hands dirty, dive into the code, and get stuff done to improve their Search Engine Optimisation.

Maybe it’s yourself, maybe a member of your staff, or maybe your nephew who’s doing a degree in Uni and has some free time and is keen to learn a new skill.

Whatever the case may be, SEO training may be the right fit for you. It’s definitely more affordable than hiring an SEO service agency to do the work for you. The downside is that you’ll need to allocate enough time and resources to get the job done yourself. And if something goes wrong, or if you are not sure how something you learned applies specifically to your website, your business, and your market, you can jump on a Zoom session and we’ll work on your issue.

With all this in mind, we offer an SEO Training Service to businesses in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

Not only we offer the training you’ll need to implement your SEO successfully, but we partner up with you to provide ongoing support and answer the questions that you will undoubtedly have once you start implementing.

Auckland SEO Services & Packages

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimisation (per Page)
  • On-Page Optimisation (Sitewide)
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Website Redesign
  • Analytics Best Practices Configuration

Bespoke SEO Consulting

You have a unique project? Are your requirements too specific and they don’t fit within the scope of the SEO services that we offer?

Do you have an idea that you want to discuss? Maybe you are running a SAAS project and you are wondering if SEO can deliver growth. Maybe you are a media company and you have tons of content available but you are not sure if you are using it the correct way. Maybe you are wondering if blogging is right for your business or not.

Hey we get it… there’s no one-size-fits-all type of solution.

This is why we have a Bespoke SEO Consulting option available.

One Time SEO Zoom Consultations

Maybe you got your basics covered. Maybe you know your stuff, and you already have a solid keyword strategy, a solid content plan, excellent on-page optimisation and a great looking fast loading website.

So…if this is the case, you are on the right track and you are already dominating your market, or about to do so.

However… you may have a specific issue that you are having trouble with. Maybe it’s a question about your internal linking architecture. Or maybe you are not sure how to make your website load faster. Or maybe you are wondering if you should add data snippets into your pages. Or maybe you just need to bounce ideas around your SEO strategy with an expert.

Whatever it is, you don’t need to go though an ordeal to get the help you need. No need for discovery meetings, proposals, long term agreements, or any type of bureaucracy.

We can meet in Zoom and spend 45 minutes going through your questions and finding the answer to the problem you have. On booking the meeting you will be asked to complete a form that will let us know the scope of your problem and your questions. So when we meet, we’ll make sure that we come prepared and with the right information, tools, resources and recommendations to help you and/or point you in the right direction.

SEO Auckland Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose Your Auckland SEO Service Partner?
These are some considerations to choose your Auckland SEO agency and building your SEO strategy.

  • Avoid anyone who talks about search engine optimisation as though it’s magic.
  • Be specific about what you’re looking to get out of the process.
  • Find an agency that communicates well with their customers so they don’t feel like outsiders during this process
  • Ask them who is actually going to be doing the work. Some agencies have talented sales people who do a great job at selling and they outsource the actual work to a junior consultant.
  • If you trust the reputation of the agency owner, enquire about how involved they are going to get in your project. Sometimes agency owners only spend their personal time on big projects and don’t pay much attention to smaller accounts.

Should You Invest in SEO Over Facebook Ads or Google Ads?
Google And Facebook Ads deliver instant traffic to your website. If done right they can deliver instant ROI. SEO is different because you need to make an upfront investment and wait for the results to kick in. It can take a few weeks or a few months (depending on many factors) for the results to take place. The long term benefit is that results are long lasting and you will keep receiving organic traffic for many years to come even without paying for it.
Is SEO Better Than Social Media Marketing?
SEO has 2 main advantages over Social Media Marketing:

1 – SEO results are long lasting and provide an evergreen source of traffic that can transform your business in the long term, while Social Media Marketing relies on your constant and ongoing publishing efforts. Once you stop working on your Social Media Marketing you will very quickly stop getting results from it, whereas you will keep getting benefits from your SEO efforts for many years to come.

2 – The second advantage of SEO is the quality of the traffic that lands in your website. Where Social Media users want to be entertained and have a good time, Search users are more task oriented and are trying to solve a specific problem or answer a specific question. This makes them better prospects than Social Media users.

How Will I Measure My SEO Success?

When approaching an SEO company in Auckland you need to be clear about the results that you expect. There are different ways that you can use to measure your seo campaign success:

  • Improving search engine rankings for a specific set of (agreed on) keywords
  • Growing your website traffic
  • Growing your bottom line profits (leads & sales)

How Long Does It Take To See Results?
SEO Auckland services start yielding results after the changes are indexed by Google and processed into their algorithms. It may take as little as a few weeks, and as much as 3 months for the first set of actions to fully realise their potential and potential customers start finding you online.

How long it takes for search engine results to improve depends on a few factors such as:

  • How long your website has been online
  • The competitive nature of your market and your keywords
  • What type of digital marketing and search engine marketing activities have been done in the past

When Will I Make My Investment Back?

When you engage the services of an SEO agency in Auckland you will make an upfront investment. How much you invest depends on the scope of the SEO services that you hire.

The first batch of results may take a few weeks to take place, but they can take up to 3 months for the full effect of your first actions to fully take place. It takes Google that long to find the changes, index them, incorporate them into their algorithm, and finally to change its search engine results based on the new information.
How Do I Know That I Can Trust My SEO Agency?
A transparent Auckland SEO company needs to be very clear about what you are paying for. You should be fully comfortable asking your SEO agency what exactly is being done in order to improve your rankings in the search results in New Zealand.

If your SEO company in Auckland is not able to explain their SEO campaign and Digital Marketing in plain english, it’s not a good sign. The initial SEO audit should be a starting point. Don’t be confused by obscure language or fancy reports. You should have a clear idea of where your money is going and what is being done in the background to improve your organic traffic.
I Heard That Some Agencies Engage In Dangerous Link Building Tactics That Can Damage My Website Reputation, Is This True?
Link building is difficult and it takes time to do it properly. Some agencies may take shortcuts and engage in risky link building tactics, such as paying for link placements or building private blog networks (PBNs). You should avoid these types of SEO agencies because they are risky and may have a negative effect on your website.
What Will You Actually Do Besides Strategy, Audits & Reports?
SEO Marketing provides two different types of SEO Services:
High Level SEO Services

  • SEO Audit
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Plans

Implementation SEO Services>

  • Optimising webpages
  • Writing copy to improve the on-page optimisation of existing webpages
  • Improving website speed
  • Researching content ideas
  • Writing content for blog posts and content marketing campaigns

Do You Also Provide Other Digital Marketing Services?
While SEO Services are at the core of what we do, and it’s why you found us when you searched for “SEO Auckland”, it is also true that Strategy comes before Tactics, and if we believe that Google Ads , Facebook Ads, or Social Media Marketing is the best option for you, we will tell you so and we will be happy to manage support you with those tactics as well.

We have long lasting relationships with top-of-the-industry providers that we plug into our projects to deliver a 360 Digital Marketing experience for you and save you the hassle of having multiple digital marketing providers.
How Much Does SEO in Auckland Cost?
There is no one size fits all to price SEO projects because there are many variables to take into account. We are very flexible and provide appropriate options for business owners on a shoestring budget as well as for bigger projects that require a high level of dedication.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that we work with international multi billion dollar companies in the most competitive markets. We are business owners like you and we are dedicated to drive business growth at an affordable and reasonable rate.
Is SEO Good For eCommerce Sites?
SEO is a great options for eCommerce sites, and once that is often overlooked. Search engine marketing can drive a lot of growth to online stores such as Shopify stores or similar.
Is SEO Good For Local Business Websites?
Your prospects are using search engines such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze to find your physical location as well as your website. A local SEO campaign can help your local business improve the ranking and get more organic search visitors to increase your website traffic.
Is SEO Good For Shopify Stores?
Yes, an SEO strategy can improve your organic search rankings for your Shopify store and increase your online store sales.
Is WordPress Good For SEO?
Wordpress is a very popular platform that, if used properly, can be great for your organic search performance. A good SEO company should make sure that your WordPress site is loading fast because after the Core Web Vitals update, this is a very important ranking factor. When all the technical aspects are taken care of WordPress can be a great tool to help you conquer those keywords that you want to rank for.
Is SEO “Dead”?
Over the years we’ve heard dozens of times that “SEO is dead”, and every time the doomsayers were wrong. SEO is just as alive as it was 10 or 15 years ago.

Now, if the question is “is search engine marketing the same as it was in the past?” then the answer is no.

While 10 years ago SEO services were almost solely focused about building links, now there are a lot of other variables that an SEO company should build into a successful SEO strategy. Website speed, quality of content, internal linking, and content silos are just some examples that have become incredibly relevant today and didn’t used to matter as much in the past.

So while SEO is 100% Alive today in 2021, the practices that an SEO company engages in did change very drastically in the last 10 years.