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How it works

SEO Marketing is not your typical SEO Auckland agency. We don't do fancy talk, slick-looking reports, and industry jargon. In fact, we only focus on Results. If this sounds like you, Click Here to Schedule a Consultation and we'll find out together if we can help you.

How we can grow your business


SEO is still the major driver of ROI in Digital Marketing. Ranking at the top of Google for your niche keywords can be a game-changer for your business and produce more growth than all your other marketing efforts combined. Talk with our SEO Auckland Expert today and find out how we can help you get more clients by ranking your website on Google.

Social Media Marketing

It is now easier than ever to reach your audience in Social Media. Facebook Ads are an amazing opportunity which is still untapped by most businesses. Many business owners think that "it won't work for my business"... and we love to prove them wrong!

Content Marketing

Once a "nice to have" add-on to your digital marketing. Content Marketing has become essential to build your online credibility with your audience, and establish yourself as the Niche Authority in your market.

Digital Marketing Strategy

For those who tried many different tactics in the past, and don't know how to connect all of it in a cohesive, holistic strategy to produce growth without getting lost in the weeds. We'll help you conceive and implement a system to consistently attract, qualify and convert leads into sales, while positioning your Brand as the Niche Authority in your market.

Why Choose SEO Marketing?

No Long Term Contracts

We don't believe in locking you into a long term contract. If you decide to stay with us, it's because we are delivering a Return on Your Investment, and it makes sense for you.

Not Locked to Proprietary Software

Similarly, we won't hold you hostage in some type of proprietary software system. You can keep using the tools you currently use, and we may recommend our favourite ones, but you are always in control.

13 Years of SEO Experience

Our Director started ranking websites in Google back in 2006.

Your Project Won't Be Assigned To a Junior Consultant

We don't like it when agencies "sell" their services by displaying the merits and experience of their Directors, but then turn around and give the projects to an inexperienced junior staff member. At SEO Marketing, all the projects are personally run by Marcos, our Director and Auckland SEO Expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your services?

Our services are affordable. We charge an affordable monthly retainer. The price of this retainer depends on each project. We'll take into account how much work is required to optimise your website, and how much competition there is in your market.

Do you only work with companies in Auckland, or in New Zealand?

We work with clients all across the world. In fact, one of our main clients is a leading company in the UK.

Do you build links?

Yes. Links are still one of the main ranking factors, althugh not as prevalent as it used to be. Building high quality and relevant links is still a big components of a successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

I have a really small budget

Then you should invest in something else. SEO Marketing yields the highest returns on your investment, and sets the foundation for years to come. If your budget is really small, then you might as well save it instead of wasting it on a low quality provider.

How long will I have to wait until I see results?

We can't tell you until we have a look at your business, your competition, and your website. You should be aware that SEO is complex and difficult. If it was easy to rank with little effort and in a short time, everyone would do it. The SEO Marketing approach is future proof and long lasting. While we can't tell you how long it will take to get your results, we can tell you that you will be building an asset for years to come.

I've had bad experiences with SEO providers in the past

That's unfortunate. And sadly, it's common. Our industry got a bad reputation. If someone offers you something that is too good to be true, it probably is. We encourage you to do your research on us and read our testimonials.

My business comes from word of mouth, so I think I don't need SEO or any marketing

Each year, the statistics show that the number of people that make purchasing decisions by searching online goes up. If this trend continues (and why wouldn't?) you will be forced eventually to invest in your online brand. And by that time, you will be far behind your competitors and it will be an uphill battle. Why wait when you can start growing your leads and sales now?

Isn't PPC better?

With PPC, you pay for every single click that you get. When you stop paying, you stop receiving the traffic. It can be a short term fix, and it can play a role in your overall strategy. But with SEO, even though the results take some time to kick in, once they do, they are long lasting and provide the best ROI.

Do you only provide SEO, or also other digital marketing services?

We are firm believers in the long-lasting power of SEO to drive the best ROI for our clients. However, the digital landscape has evolved and social media has become a huge part of everyone's lives. It is now easier than ever to reach your audience through social media and for some markets it makes perfect sense to start there.


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"Since engaging Marcos my online enquiry has quadrupled. I have found Marcos reliable, honest and a true professional."
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