Coming from Facebook? Welcome to SEO Marketing. Read along to find out the next 2 Fundamental Truths of SEO to achieve digital dominance in your market.

Fundamental Truth #2 – Your Website Is Not Strong Enough To Take All The Load

There’s 8 figure companies running websites with talented writers and content experts publishing content day in and day out.

Slowly but surely they are taking over every conceivable corner of the internet with their fantastic content written by professional writers with SEO training.

There’s no need to panic though. As a local business, you DO have an edge when it comes to ranking for local keywords in your market.

For example, while Zillow might be one of the most powerful websites in the planet, a local Real Estate Agent from Ponsonby does have an advantage in the algorithm when it comes to deciding what’s the most relevant website for people in Ponsonby searching for a Real Estate Agent.

The same is true for any type of business and any industry.

But even then…

There are local websites that are far more powerful than your business website. Local media articles, industry specific websites and directories and not to mention your competitors that have invested in SEO longer than you have.

They have an edge on you, and no matter how hard you play catch-up, they will always keep the edge as long as they remain vigilant. 

Hence the headline for this fundamental truth: your website is not strong enough. You need to publish strategic content in other websites too.

Let me rephrase that: you need to publish strategic content in MANY other websites too.

Hundreds of them.

And not just any website. They need to be authoritative websites (authoritative in the eyes of Google’s algorithm).

So when you publish your content in them, they rank in Google almost immediately. Sometimes in hours. Sometimes in days.

Enter the world of Content Marketing Amplification.

Fundamental Truth #2 Two-Sentence Summary: The content that you publish in your website has slim chances of ranking because there are far more authoritative websites in your market. Instead of waiting months and investing multiple 5 figures growing your website’s authority, publish your content across hundreds of highly authoritative websites that rank almost instantly.

Fundamental Truth #3 – A Few Rankings Is Not Enough, You Need Omnipresence

Ranking for a few keywords is nice.

In fact, if you’ve dealt with an SEO agency in the past you know how they will brag about it and make it look like your investment is paid many times over because your website is ranking for such and such keyword.

And yet… this ranking is not really moving the needle in your business.

You are not getting flooded with new calls or leads.

This is a frustrating situation because you don’t have much to complain about to your SEO consultant. After all, they delivered the rankings they promised. 

However… what do you care about rankings if you are not increasing your sales and revenue?

What’s going on here? Are people not using Google anymore? How come you are not getting more business if you are ranking for such and such keyword?

The reality is, like in most cases, complicated. So let’s break it down.

People ARE using Google to find local businesses, services and products.

Increasing your visibility in Google WILL result in more prospects interacting with your content.

As a result you WILL generate more leads and sales from your website.

But… here’s the thing…

A few isolated rankings won’t do the job. 

You need to consistently show up when your prospects ask a question. In their minds, you need to be omnipresent.

Every time they ask a question they should see your brand.

When this happens often and consistently you have entered the ranks of digital omnipresence. Congratulations. It’s a good spot to be in.

Let’s play a quick game for a second.

Most famous reality TV celebrity family in the world… 







Did the name “Kardashian” pop in your brain?

Ok let’s go again…

Biggest search engine in the western world…







Google right?

Our brains associate “Kardashian” with “reality TV celebrity”, and “Google” with “search engine” because they are omnipresent in the world we live in.

This type of omnipresence is what you want to replicate in a smaller (obviously MUCH smaller) scale with your business and your prospects.

As a local real estate agent you want your prospects to think of you when they think of real estate.

As a business consultant you want entrepreneurs in your market to think of you when they think about launching or growing their business.

As a wedding planner you want soon to be brides to think of you when they have to plan their wedding.

There has never been a better time with the digital tools that are available to us, to build this type of omnipresence in a small scale to dominate your corner of the market and to become the #1 leader in your area.

Especially when 99% of your competition is still stuck in “Mainstream SEO Doom” and ignoring these 3 fundamental truths.

Fundamental Truth #3 Two-Sentence Summary: A few top rankings won’t move the needle for your business. When you achieve digital omnipresence your prospects are going to recognise your brand and as you acquire “niche celebrity” status your closing rates will increase because prospects know who you are before they contact you.

What’s Next?

We are living in exciting times. The post-Covid economy won’t be forgiving to those who don’t adapt. The opportunity is available for those who are ready to embrace change and become the new leaders of the coming digital economy.

If your local business, professional or coaching practice is slowly starting to run dry on leads and customers, it is an early warning sign that you should set the right foundations to achieve digital dominance.

If you are getting stuck with high maintenance clients that take too much of your time, it is a symptom that you don’t enjoy digital omnipresence. If you did, you would have the freedom to choose your dream clients.

If you don’t feel confident about raising your prices and you feel like you are a glorified contractor running laps around your clients’ demands, it’s a symptom that you don’t enjoy digital omnipresence. If you did, you would be able to raise your prices and weed out the clients who don’t see the real value that you provide.

Now… I want to end this article by asking YOU a question:

Are you willing to take your business to the next level, build your digital omnipresence and be considered an authority in your market?

Because If you do, and you are serious about it, you should fill out the application below.

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You’ll be asked a few questions about your goals with your business and your specific situation.

After you submit your application I will go over the information and if I believe that we might be a good fit to grow your business together I will invite you to schedule a Zoom session at a later date.

Regardless, I sincerely hope that this article opened your eyes to a different way of understanding your digital strategy and to avoid following the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing. Because if you do, you’ll burn your budget competing head-on with everyone else who is doing the same thing.

And like Peter Thiel rightly said: Competition is for losers.*

To your success,

Marcos Azaro

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* Peter Thiel is one of the founders of… you know… Paypal. You might have heard about it? 🙂 He is also a billionaire and a serial digital entrepreneur. I guess you could say he knows a thing or two about running a business and the digital economy.

Well.. the point that he makes, is that when two or more businesses are in competition with each other because they offer the same services, sooner or later they engage in a race to lower their pricing or cost of services.

It comes a point where lowering the costs means diminishing the quality of the service in some way. This is the beginning of an unhealthy spiral.

The end result?

Struggling businesses lower prices and destroy value. 

Unhappy customers get poor results, wasted money and their problem is still not solved.