How digital marketing agencies can help you grow your business

It’s time to change your approach to digital marketing if you want to increase sales without spending a fortune in marketing.

Digital media marketing methods such as Google Ads, content marketing, or SEO, offer a much higher ROI than traditional methods such as newspaper ads or TV advertising.

This article helps you understand what is involved in digital marketing, and whether it may be a good idea for your business to get the help of an agency for digital marketing.

Digital marketing can be a cost-effective method to increase brand awareness and business growth. Digital marketing can be used to attract customers, engage with them directly, and share your content via social media and your website for quick results using advertising campaigns, influencer methods and search engine optimisation.

To ensure visibility in digital media, digital marketing agencies use strategies such as SEO and SEM. This allows you to know exactly when someone is looking at your site or reading one our content pieces.

Digital Marketing is a growing driver of business growth

The digital age has changed the way people buy goods and how businesses engage with their customers. New Zealand is not the exception. No matter the industry or the service your company offers, digital marketing can be an effective tool to generate business.

Generally, an agency that calls itself a “Digital Marketing Agency” is a “generalist” type of agency that offers every type of service in the industry, such as:

  • SEO
  • Google Ads or PPC
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Branding and PR
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Website Development

A systemic Digital Marketing approach versus a tactical approach

The question you need to ask is:

“Can one digital marketing agency do a good job at providing all of these services?”

For example, if you need the best copywriter that you can afford, would you hire an agency that specialises in Copywriting or an agency that offers every type of service that you may need?

The implicit answer in this question suggests that you would be better off hiring a specialist agency. However there might be situations where a generalist digital marketing agency is the best option.

Hiring different agencies for different aspects of your digital marketing and managing all these relationships can be a lot of work. It may be a better idea to hire one generalist type of digital marketing agency that you can trust with your strategy, and ask them to manage the relationship with specialist tactical providers when and if needed.

In that scenario, you could have one digital marketing agency looking after all of your Digital Strategy, and they would be in charge of hiring specific help when they don’t have relevant skills in-house.

Digital Marketing Agencies in New Zealand

There are some review websites that built “Top Rated” lists of digital marketing agencies in New Zealand.

They rate them according to their own set of criteria, which includes services that they provide, hourly rate, team size, and minimum amount of budget per project.

If you wish to view these top rated lists of digital marketing agencies, you can do by visiting the following links:

Web design

Good web design services will increase your potential customers’ visits to your site, convert more visitors into leads, and improve your ROI. When it comes to web design it is important to judge the quality based on how effective the design is, and not how “pretty” it looks.

In other words, your web design agency or your web designer should understand the marketing principles of design and ensure that the web design clearly communicates the benefits of your offer and is easy to use.

eCommerce websites

An eCommerce website design company will help you promote your products online and make sales. eCommerce has experienced massive growth in New Zealand in the last few years, thanks to platforms such as Shopify that made it easy for business owners and entrepreneurs to have their own online store without a big investment.

Shopify and similar platforms come with a good level of “out of the box” search engine optimisation. However, if you want to drive traffic to your online store you will need to implement further digital marketing tactics such as SEO, Google Ads and different types of social media marketing.

Branding & logo design

If you want your product to stand out, a professional logo is essential. You can see why iconic logos are so important for making your business stand out. Your logo is not only going to be displayed in your website, but also in your social media channels and many other online places. So it’s important that you have a logo that communicates your identity and your values as a business owner.

Landing page design

Landing Pages could be described at some point as the new bread & butter of Digital Marketing Campaigns. Digital marketing is changing rapidly with landing pages.

Landing pages not only increase conversion rates but also boost campaigns’ ROI. People convert more when they have a landing page to send to them to instead of going directly to your product/service homepage.

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation refers to the process of increasing a website’s rank on search engine results pages. It involves making it more attractive, creative, and well-designed. SEO involves changing the content of your website to ensure that users find it satisfying, whether they are searching for something specific or looking through other sites in their area.

With a few tweaks, Search Engine Optimisation can help you rank higher in organic SERPs.

Google Ads (previously Adwords)

Google Ads allows you to target specific keyword phrases, and then create an advertisement that promotes your website and content to those who use those keywords. Because Adwords can be created almost immediately and start getting targeted traffic, it is quicker than SEO. However, SEO takes a long time to get good rankings that result in high traffic.

Instagram Ads

Instagram experienced massive growth and is a great way to reach some audiences and engage with your potential customers. Their ad platform is the same as the Facebook Ads’ platform, which makes it easier to manage. However, you should’t overlook Instagram simply as an extra Facebook channel, because it is a platform in itself and it offers many unique opportunities to connect with audiences that are not available in Facebook.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be configured to target more site traffic, more impressions and even a higher click-through rate (CTR). Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users, not counting Instagram and Whatsapp. The largest social media platform in terms of active users is Facebook. This is your opportunity as an advertiser, to tap into two social media platforms for marketing purposes.

Social Media Marketing

These goals are for all sizes of businesses and will help you make your brand more visible. To increase your social media reach and generate leads, sales or both, Instead of focusing on promotional messages, focus first on content that reflects your personality and values. This will create authentic and lasting awareness.

You need to discover ways to introduce people to you in order to increase your following. You might do this by sharing your posts on social media with a call to action for others interested in the content. Also, you can use all communication channels available such as email marketing and ads to spread the word.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing offers a unique way to tap into the creativity and expertise of top content creators. This is because these influencers know how to reach your ideal audiences. You can then expand your brand message across multiple channels without needing to learn or build yourself up as an expert in the space.

Digital branding

What does a digital brand represent? It is about communicating your value to potential clients through our inbound channels. Digital branding refers to how we can show people who we really are, what sets us apart from other brands, and why they should choose our products or services.

Do you need help?

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