Use digital marketing to drive sales to your eCommerce website

eCommerce marketing can be a complicated topic with many ways to approach it. There are always new strategies that can be combined to increase visits to your online store and sales. Many marketers use paid advertising such as Facebook and Google ads to drive targeted traffic to their products and services, but these are not the full spectrum of digital marketing tactics available to grow your ecommerce website’s branding and sales.

Digital marketing has seen a significant shift in the last few years. This is especially true today. Your strategy for winning with online advertising must evolve with the changing tactics. This includes return on operating expenses associated with non-paid growth strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, marketing automation, and organic content marketing techniques that you can use to boost sales to your online store to your New Zealand or international customers.

Your online store

Online shopping is becoming more popular among some consumers. In 2020, consumers spent $861.12 trillion with U.S. retailers, an increase of 44% over 2019.

Although the pandemic accelerated the move to online selling and shopping, it has now changed consumer behaviour in a positive way. Square’s Head for eCommerce David Rusenko says that the advancements made in 2020 will only continue after the pandemic. He explains that the changes are not temporary and will help to get through this time.

Many retailers are trying new things, so it’s not surprising. Wholesale, new product lines, or diversification into another industry, all retailers are going online to run their businesses and investing more than ever before with their ecommerce websites. Online store sales account for 58% of all revenue. 36% of respondents believe that e-commerce will be the only channel to sell their products and services by 2021. This is due to its potential profitability.

Many online store owners experiment with new ways to run their business, whether that’s wholesale testing or the launch of a new product line. Others take greater risks by branching out into other markets.

New Zealand presents a unique opportunity for ecommerce website owners. Even though TradeMe is a major ecommerce New Zealand player, it doesn’t play the same role in people’s lives that Amazon plays in the US, UK and other European markets where the US giant is omnipresent.

Because of this, New Zealand online store owners have a unique opportunity: you have the opportunity to position your ecommerce brand as the Number 1 brand in the minds of your Kiwi target audience.

Social Media Marketing to drive eCommerce website sales

To use social media effectively for your online store, you must first identify your target customers and then focus on those platforms. Focusing on the key platforms is a great way to maximise your resources.

Understanding your ideal customer

You should start with a detailed analysis of your target audience. You can look at the profiles of your customers or find common traits in a target audience you aren’t yet aware of. This data can be used to analyse past buyers, or to identify missing groups in our customer base (like moms), and help us decide where to advertise.

There are tools you can use for this purpose such as building an empathy map or building a customer avatar.

Create great content, but don’t make it salesy

Social media users have a lot of knowledge. Poor content will not be shared by your audience and therefore, it will have a negative impact on your company’s ability to generate leads or build their brand.

Content marketing refers to the creation of different types of content to reach a wider audience, such as tutorial videos and written articles. This allows for more customers to be reached.

Effective content marketing to stand out

Content marketing is becoming more competitive. It’s crucial to craft a meaningful message that resonates and stands out from the crowd.

Due to the online competition, it’s becoming more difficult for ecommerce websites to be noticed. It’s no longer possible for content marketers to publish 500-word blog posts on their industry. They need something fresh and new if they want others to read them.

How can you make your content stand out in a crowded area?

One company’s work in the digital marketing and ecommerce website digital marketing is too hard for another company to match. As such we have the unique opportunity to publish content based on our expertise that very few people in our industry are able to match.

This is the way you should approach your content marketing. There is something about you, your branding and your online store that is unique and that competitors would have a hard time replicating. This should be your comfort zone. You should build your content around these topics where you have a unique expertise that your competitors can’t match.

What should you write about?

You will need reliable information to identify the most pressing issues facing your audience. Social media is the best way to find out what people think and feel on any given day.

How do we identify these needs then? You can monitor your favourite social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook, for key words that indicate interest in the subject matter (ex. #inspiration), or you can interact with others who follow you already and use their feedback to decide where to focus our attention next (#influencer). It’s now time to take action once you have been identified. If someone posts #motivation because they are “feeling down”, instead of liking the post, offer support and advice on how to overcome tough times with content

Ask your audience

It is a great way to get to know your audience. It will surprise and delight you to learn so much about your audience by just having a conversation with them. You can use this information to create content that is tailored to their needs, or prioritise features for future updates.

Do your research on your competitors.

What questions do your competitors answer with their content? Check their website copy and pay special attention to their FAQ section.

What format is that content delivered?

Take a look at what makes you unique and think about how you can use these traits to create more value.

Explore your own experiences.

While building your business, you’ve likely learned a lot about the industry that you work in. Next, you will need to create a content marketing strategy. This strategy should include written blog posts as well as audio and video files. Also, you should try out paid advertising campaigns to see which audience responds best to your content.

There is no better way to generate leads through content consumption than increasing your domain authority. Brands can reach new audiences with content marketing. People are actively searching for information about topics that relate to their buying decisions.

However, if your rank is not high enough potential customers might not be able to find your content via search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Although gaining higher Domain Authority is possible over time, it takes effort. However, all marketers should continue to build links back into their pages. This strengthens them over time.

Social Media Amplification

Begin by finding out where your target audience spends the most time. Start on Instagram if they are! For maximum engagement, don’t forget about posting regularly. Include lots of photos with text overlays.

When you start ecommerce marketing, it is crucial to start at the beginning. It’s important to take a step back and not focus on social media in general. Instead, concentrate on how it can help you capture attention from your customers.

Instagram is a visual social media platform

There are many ways you can get people talking about your product. You can do this by posting high quality images on social media and in a blog post. This is a great place to display images if you have many.


Twitter is another option. It allows users to follow other links in tweets and to share content with their followers easily without having to send out emails every time new information becomes available. This means that there is less spamming. If you prefer Facebook, make sure all posts include contact information so that users can reach your address if needed.

Social media can be seen as a game. It seems that if you’re not the most popular, trendy thing in social media, then your existence in marketing and advertising circles will be limited. While this may have been true when social networking sites were limited to Facebook or Twitter, it is no longer true with Instagram and Snapchat becoming more prominent on the radar screens of internet marketers.

Being active can be as simple as having well-written content and keeping it updated. You could also monitor what others post about you company using hashtags, without posting any yourself (a technique called “listening posts” by marketers). No matter how you choose to monitor these channels for potential threats and opportunities.


Social media marketing is a great way to promote your business. Pinterest is the best way to reach people with specific interests. If you want to get exposure from professionals working in other industries or businesses, Linkedin is the perfect choice. YouTube is another great way to get your content out and gain followers that could become potential customers.

Pinterest is a great place to share your passion for crafts with others around the globe. Pinterest offers many great features such as buyable pins, which can be repinned and shared from any account. Pinterest allows users to create aspirational and useful posts for DIY projects such as new curtains.


It’s essential to keep your audience informed and stay connected by posting frequently. You have many options to accomplish this. Facebook status updates can be used to share quick thoughts and summaries of recent events. You can also use Skype video chats every now and again so people can see your office. Each day, someone can answer any questions their followers may have – no matter how ridiculous they might seem. You can also post photos taken by family members regularly so that friends who haven’t seen each other recently don’t feel excluded when they share photos from get-togethers or vacations. Also, you can share links related to subjects which interest your.

How to get more backlinks for your guest blogging content

Guest blogging is a great way for you to connect with different audiences and share your knowledge.

Bloggers who are looking to build their brand and increase their website traffic via search engines such as Google and Yahoo! have a great opportunity. Bing, and Google because they will rank the post well organically if it is unique enough. As long as you don’t spam the Internet with junk content about the subject matter you claim to be an expert on, the Internet will not flood you with irrelevant junk content.

You can search Pinterest for designer jewellery, contemporary jewellery or designer jewellery to find designer jewellery. If you find blogs that have similar content to yours, contact them and ask if they are willing to accept guest posts. They will then create an article about your product that is relevant to their niche. You will receive a link back from your website. Pinterest added buyable pins in mid-2014. This makes it even simpler than ever!

Make your products available through social channels

Instagram: Shoppable Posts

Instagram users can tag products to shop for them immediately from their newsfeed with Shoppable Posts. LeBron James, for example, posted earlier this year about the latest Nike shoe release using just one hashtag: #lebron16

It’s never been easier to shop on the move… so you shouldn’t ignore this.

Shoppable tags in Instagram Stories

You don’t have to worry about not having enough Instagram followers if you own a business. The new app’s Shoppable Tags make it simple for anyone to browse your products/services directly from their Stories, and then shop them right there.

Using Instagram To Generate Leads

How can Instagram be used to generate leads and sales for your business? This is how you combine features such as hashtags and geotagging to create leads for your business.

Make Your Brand Visible With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best place to make connections with professionals in your field and find new leads.

LinkedIn allows you to meet people interested in your products and establish partnerships that will help you grow your business. Engaging posts will help you generate more clients and increase awareness about your products or services.

LinkedIn Groups

A LinkedIn branded group allows your company to host an industry-related discussion board. This is particularly useful for small businesses that want to have more control over their content and who are looking for new ways to generate leads by interacting with professionals in their field. These groups can be joined by anyone, even if they are not LinkedIn members. This makes them easy to share with other networks and across geographic boundaries where there may not be many offline connections.

My company is able to run an online discussion forum about my topic with a branded group. We don’t just rely on demographics for potential customers, but instead build relationships by talking directly with people who are interested in our products (and getting feedback).

Programmatic display ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Display Ads allows you to easily expand your online presence on this social media platform. It’s simple for any company to get on the platform, with features such as private auctions and programmatic buying options.

Advertisers can also benefit from premium targeting and right-hand column placement. This allows them to target specific prospects based on their information. Because they know how many people have viewed each ad, they can measure the success of an ad by counting impressions. LinkedIn is the best place for professionals. You will be more visible to talented people.

LinkedIn shows one ad per page

Is it out of sight? It’s not possible! No way!

Although the ads are prominently displayed, they don’t stay there for very long. Your marketing message is visible above the fold, with over 90% visibility.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail can be a great way for you to reach your target audience privately and in a non-obtrusive manner. You can send messages at scale using Sponsored InMail and you can customize them for each recipient.

Paid Ads

Social media has a tremendous power, but it is important to understand how to best use it. Sponsored posts are essential if you want to drive sales via ads on different platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

For example, while organic reach for these channels drops by roughly ten percent every year due in part to competition from other brands who also want a slice of the pie (and higher engagement rates), paid content allows advertisers more opportunities than ever before at targeting their audiences with precise messaging that can be delivered expediently–reaching them quicker than any time in history!

Tracking Your Online Sales Marketing Channels

How can you determine which marketing strategies are most effective? It is important to compare all your channels (email, pay-per-click ads, social media) and make a comparison. Marketers measure campaigns and channels using specific metrics such as opens, clicks and sales for email; cost per click (CPC); conversion rate for PPC ads; engagement rates for Facebook posts, etc. But how do they know if all their efforts are working?

Marketers use the Marketing Mix to identify what each element contributes towards achieving their business objectives.

Email Marketing

While it is important to track the open rate and number of emails opened, this won’t be enough if prospects don’t engage. Open rates are a good indicator that prospects are interested in your message.


Now that the data has been collected, it is time to look at how much advertising you’ve spent. The total amount spent on your marketing campaign. How many clicks were we able to get from AdWords or Facebook ads? For assessing success, sales transactions are crucial. They show what people bought and their average order value. This gives us an indication of profitability per customer acquisition (CAC).

Social Media

There are numbers everywhere. You can learn anything with a little creativity and research, from how many people follow you on social media to how much sales you make online.

Organic Traffic

Site visits can be a great way of measuring the success of your branding and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) efforts. You can find out everything you need to know about the number of visitors to your website, including those who came via email, social media campaigns, or advertising. These numbers can be used to identify areas that need improvement so future marketing efforts are more effective. Another important metric is how long visitors stay on your site. If they leave, it’s most likely that they didn’t find enough information or were not interested enough. Make sure you have things that will keep them coming back!

eCommerce websites using AI to become more profitable

Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a more prominent part of our lives as technology advances. AI is already embedded in every aspect of our lives, including self-checkout cash registers as well as security checks at airports. Many eCommerce businesses have begun to use this tech with great success, thanks to Microsoft and Google investing heavily in AI initiatives.

Imagine yourself waking up with a winning strategy for growing your eCommerce business. Although it may seem impossible, Brand Growth’s team can help you make it happen. Our Auckland office has helped many brands reach their full potential via social media campaigns that were successful. Call us today to discuss how we can help your brand increase traffic and sales online. There’s no project too large or small for The Team at Brand Growth. They don’t need to know everything.

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