Google Ads or Adwords can help you increase your sales

Google AdWords is a tool that can help your business get quasi-immediate returns on your investment (ROI). It was developed by Google in the United States. This article outlines what you need to know if you plan to start getting sales using Google Adwords. It is a powerful tool that has both an SEO and an SEA function.

Google’s enormous reach, which includes a 94% + New Zealand share of the search engine market, and similar results worldwide globally, makes AdWords not only a powerful advertising company, but also a crucial tool for online retailers who want to be successful on the internet. Emmanuel Begerem, the head of Google UK’s partner network, said that “Google Adwords allows online retailers to reach this growing captive audience.”

How Google Ads (formerly Adwords) work

You can make your marketing more efficient by identifying the product categories and offers that will yield positive returns on investment. As an ecommerce manager with Google Shopping Ads experience, we can help you if your goal is to launch new products or sell unsold products to your New Zealand or international audience.

While SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works to get your business in front of potential customers via organic methods, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) are the methods applied to buy online advertising and get in from of those same people by paying for clicks, instead of earning organic rankings organically. Both methods can achieve high levels of ROI. The main difference is that SEO takes longer and produces longer lasting results, while SEA, or Pay Per Click advertising, offers almost immediate results but those results can only be sustained over time if you keep purchasing clicks and traffic.

It is important to choose keywords that are relevant to what you are selling so that your potential customers find you when they are in buying, or in research mode.

But how do you do it?

Before you choose 10-20 words for each ad group, make sure to create a list with keywords. This will ensure that your campaign gets the best results. This is how you find out not only what word people search for but also how they view their options. If someone searches for “women’s fashion” and isn’t sure where to look for stores or online retailers near them, then they might try searching for “shopping tips”. Google will then show you all relevant ads to shopping advice. This could be a great option if the person is having trouble finding stores near them or online retailers.

To ensure your marketing success, match the structure of AdWords with your site. Prospects need to be able access your products quickly and easily if they want to avoid being lost. However, this is possible only if destination pages match ad content or keywords. Remember that 1 request = 1 ad = 1 destination page (url). Because it is the first contact between you and your business owner/brand manager/marketer, the ad can often be more important than any other parts. Make sure that ads are relevant, compelling, and follow these golden rules to create an effective one.

  1. Be concise
  2. Use powerful visuals
  3. Copy should be kept short

Don’t forget what you know about AdWords. Expanded text ads are now available. This is how you can make the most out of the new format. Include keywords in your title and capitalise important words and punctuation. Use extensions to give potential customers a better idea of who you are (the reassurance element); and include contact information for phone support.

Google AdWords uses information about users’ profiles, habits, and intentions to determine keywords. This principle can be extended to location by placing ads in certain geographic areas and at specific times. If, for example, most organic fruit orders come from Norwich residents on Friday evenings then you can target this audience with Google Ads.

Our advanced technology allows you to broadcast your ads wherever they are most likely to be seen: on the screens and faces of people who are interested.

Your first Google Ads campaign

It’s thrilling to launch a new Google Ads campaign. When I click the Enable button to create a new campaign, emotions such as anxiety, fear, hope, and fear flood my mind. Which of these emotions are you feeling if you’re just starting to set up your business ads campaigns? Google Adwords is a great way to attract customers if you set it up correctly by following my proven success instructions.

Google Ads Management

Even the most skilled business owners can find it difficult to set up an AdWords account. Google Ads management can be tricky if you are aware of all the technical details and nuances. This is when a digital marketing agency can help you run your pay per click campaigns as one of their marketing services.

Pay per click campaigns can become profitable quickly if managed with proficiency, but they can also become a waste of money if the traffic that you are driving to your website doesn’t convert to leads or sales. An effective Google Ad should be relevant and target a specific query that the visitor has in their mind. Marketing campaigns that don’t deliver a clear answer to users’ questions don’t perform well.

Managing an AdWords Account is a different beast

Without the right guidance, AdWords management could become chaotic and painful. AdWords does not provide campaign structure assistance. However, this doesn’t mean that AdWords can’t help you with ad copy optimisation and bidding strategy. There are ways to relieve yourself from these responsibilities, so you don’t have to suffer alone.

Google advertising has many benefits. You can manage all your accounts in one place, get helpful hints based on past search behaviours, and manage multiple campaigns simultaneously using one interface. These benefits come with increased responsibility. You are responsible for deciding what ads you will place.

Be Adaptable to Your Audience

Recognizing that the world is full of many different people is the best way to market your product. It is important to test new targeting methods and decide which ones are best for you. You also need to pair them with the right messaging to make your product more relevant to their location and demographic.

Align Your Value Proposition & Sales Funnel

AdWords can be a powerful tool for companies looking to run targeted ads. This gives you the chance to reach out to your customers and offer value. It also lets them know that you have provided high-quality content.

Adwords is a great platform to target prospects at all stages of their buying journey. This includes those who are just browsing and more serious buyers. By aligning your business’s needs with theirs, you can give them the exact product they are looking for and attract even more people!

Always Test

A/B testing can be a tedious process. Performance will suffer if you don’t use two versions of your landing page or ad copy in each of your ads.

Structure is important

AdWords optimisation is not possible without a plan. It would be impossible to add an addition to your home without plans or a foundation that is crumbling. The same goes for AdWords optimisation. You need well-planned accounts and account structures that increase Quality Score. This will help lower costs as you can create tightly knit ad groups with semantically related keywords. It also helps to keep them cohesive for search engine algorithm changes.

Strategic Bid Management

Setting initial bids in AdWords account management is simple. However, managing them can be difficult. If you want to get the best results from your hard-earned money, it is crucial to know when to value your position and how to maximise Quality Score and ROI.

Know your competition

There are many ways you can find out who your competitors are when it comes down to bidding for keywords. However, the easiest way to do this is to simply Google them. It will allow you to tailor your copy and ensure that you are visible in the SERPs rather than being lost amongst the rest.

Remarketing is a powerful tool that can be leveraged

Remarketing can be a powerful tool for increasing web traffic conversions. Remarketing with Google Ads allows you to tailor your offers and messages based on what people have done with your website. This leads to more clicks, which in turn means more traffic. Although new prospects can be valuable, they are less likely to convert as well because of their lack of familiarity with purchasing decisions.

Marketers have the opportunity to create customised ads through remarketing. These ads will only appear on different sites after someone has previously visited their site. This usually leads to higher engagement than those who haven’t yet seen these ads.

Google Display Network: The Internet’s cost-effective solution to billboards

The Google Display Network is a great way to bring new prospects to your brand. It also helps you to build your sales funnel. It’s the next step in optimising AdWords campaigns. Instead of showing your ads in Google Search, you can serve ads on more than 2,000,000 websites and Gmail inboxes, which enables you to expand your return on investment even further once your have a winning campaign.

Expanding on Other Platforms

AdWords are just one step on a long road to reaching your customers. Bing and Facebook are the next steps when you’re searching for new platforms. However, they must be managed strategically as both can quickly become expensive if they are not properly managed.

Google Ads can be used as a foundation for your digital marketing plan

A digital marketing campaign is both a creative endeavour and an art form. It is the best campaign that can identify the needs of their target audience before they search for them. Your message will then be ready when they do. Inbound marketing or content creation is a time-consuming process that requires research upfront to ensure you are targeting the right keywords. Are you aware of the words and phrases that potential clients may use? These words and phrases could help me rank higher in search engines such as Google.

A targeted list of keywords that are relevant and easily accessible is one of the best ways to optimise your content for SEO. Google Adwords can help you to research these keywords. You can use them together with the ones that were mentioned above to find related keyword suggestions, average monthly search volumes, and the competition level for each word. You should keep track of all your findings in a spreadsheet that is easy to access when you need them.

Since 2010, we have been helping brands to grow via search and social media advertising in New Zealand and overseas. Let us help you with this by optimising both your ad campaigns and your search results presence. Online advertising is just one of the digital marketing building blocks and you may be missing out on a lot of sales if you are simply running a Google Ads PPC campaign that is not properly optimised.

Nowadays companies are globally connected. We work with clients from New Zealand, Australia, Europe, China and Singapore, as well as the United States. Our international team can help you create advertising campaigns that meet your exact needs.

Reach out to us today and leverage our collective experience in multiple cultures.

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