SEO Case Studies

As an international SEO based in Auckland, we work with clients from all around the world.

We have worked with many different types of clients: big, small, and medium.

Whether you are an e-commerce site, a local business, or a multinational with multiple web properties, we can help you.

Check the case studies below to see how we’ve helped different businesses over the past few months, and contact us if you want us to help you get to the top of Google.

Driving Lessons Jacksonville: Page 2 to Page 1 in One Month
Driving School in Gainesville: #6 to #1 in One Month
Jacksonville Employment Lawyer: #8 to #1 in Five Months
Warrington Carpet Cleaners: New site ranked #1 in Four Months
Green Oak Frames: #1 in Four Months
Commercial Carpets: #9 to #1 in Three Months
Commercial Carpeting: #7 to #3 in Two Weeks
Video Production Liverpool: Ranked in Two Months – Ranking Steady for Over One Year
ESTA (Google Austria): Ranked #3 – We Have Success In All Languages
Mortgage Broker Chester: From 120th to Top 3 in 6 Weeks
Fireplaces Stockport: #8 to #3 in 6 Days!
St John Forest Homes for Sale: #10 to #5 in Two Months
North Wales Caravans: #30 to #3 in Four Months
Legacy Probate: Page 8 to Page 1 in Four Months
How Long is an ESTA Valid For New Site Ranked in Page 1, Eight Weeks