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Do you want your website to become a 24/7 selling machine in your behalf? This is what happens when it ranks at the top of Google for the keywords that your prospects are searching daily.

At SEO Marketing, we can help you get to Page 1 on Google with our effective search engine optimisation service for Christchurch business owners.

We Don’t “Just” Get Top Rankings… We Make Them Stick

Google is known for changing the way they prioritise what’s most relevant to their users, so our SEO work does not stop after setup is complete. It takes constant measurement and tweaking to improve and maintain rankings. We are committed to staying current with Google’s priorities and how we can cater to them. To ensure you are attracting Google’s attention, we will continue to improve your SEO campaign. You might also be recommended changes to your website to help improve your ranking.

There are many amazing brands and businesses online. If your website isn’t found in search results, and potential customers are unable to find you online, it’s almost impossible for you to be found. But don’t worry, because we can help. SEO is SEOMarketing trademark’s service. We have helped hundreds of businesses achieve the first page results for key words that matter most. We can help you target people who are searching for your products and services as your Christchurch SEO company. Learn how SEO can help you improve your bottom line.

We have hundreds of success stories to our credit and we are confident we have the data to back it up.

SEO Marketing is different from any other SEO agency in Christchurch. Your business is unique within its industry. You need a customised SEO strategy to match your business’s unique needs. Because it allows us to better understand your target audience and their search patterns, as well as how many people are searching for your products, we take our research very seriously. We will use their search terms to bring them to your site.

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing is a Christchurch-based SEO company that produces measurable results, more traffic and more leads for our customers.

Our mission is to help companies find us. Our SEO services in Christchurch live up to this reputation. Our reputation in search marketing is international. SME’s in Christchurch can rely on us to help them create a sustainable cash flow with long-term SEO strategies.

Although we don’t have the authority to decide which SEO company is best in Christchurch, what we do know, is that Page 1 is where you will find us if you search for “SEO Christchurch”, “SEO Dunedin”, “SEO Auckland”, “SEO Tauranga” or “SEO Hamilton”.

SEO Marketing is based out of Auckland but we have worked with entrepreneurs and business owners across New Zealand. We have lower overheads which means more savings for our clients. Our SEO pricing is so affordable that you won’t believe the value for money that you get for your business when you decide to choose us as your SEO partner.

Research Phase

Our digital marketing team will conduct research on the best keywords for your company, industry, market, and locality. SEO can help you achieve a strong ROI over time from all Google traffic. What’s the best news? All clicks with SEO are free, unlike paid Facebook Ad campaigns and Google Ads.

Your website content must include the keywords you have chosen and be logically organised. Why? Google must be able to find and sort (crawl, index) the pages you have targeted. We don’t only think about Google, we also consider your website visitors. Our SEO services in Christchurch ensure that your website is able to answer any questions you may have and promote your products.

Results Driven Strategies

A clear plan of action is what Christchurch businesses require from a SEO agency. It’s not worth executing an unplanned SEO plan that may bring in some leads. Zib Digital focuses on what your potential customers want to see about your business, so you can attract targeted visitors instead of unqualified. We have the industry experience and capability to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We use content marketing and local SEO to attract customers who convert. We’ll do all the hard work to get your company where it needs to be.

Keep Your Rankings Ahead

Google is known for changing the way they prioritize what’s most relevant to users, so our SEO work does not stop after setup is complete. It takes constant measurement and tweaking to improve and maintain rankings. We are committed to staying current with Google’s priorities and how we can cater to them. To ensure you are attracting Google’s attention, we will continue to improve your SEO campaign. You might also be recommended changes to your website to help improve your ranking.

The “SEO Marketing Way”

We would love to talk to you if you are an executive or business owner looking to increase your online visibility and make money from targeted website visitors to your site daily. Our Search Engine Optimization services include regular Zoom calls and reporting on results. We will not confuse you with marketing jargon, but instead show you how to rank on Google’s first page for targeted keywords that are high-intent. You don’t have to believe us, meet the team and see for yourself.

Our SEO Company in Christchurch follows only Google best practices. This means that our results are long-lasting, and can be a great investment for your company.

Christchurch SEO

Our services have helped many businesses succeed in Christchurch, including North Canterbury accountants and beauty therapy companies in Christchurch central. We also help other types of businesses in Rangiora, Middleton, and many others. Many Christchurch businesses lack the knowledge, time or expertise to manage a successful campaign to rank.

30% of traffic will click on the first search result on Google. Let’s get your business to that top spot. Firefly offers all services related to lead generation for businesses, including Google AdWords and Social Media. Let’s accelerate your growth and make Christchurch the next success story. Other businesses in New Zealand have also seen incredible results, including Queenstown, Auckland, Tauranga and Wellington. We also ran successful international campaigns in Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Is Your Business “Buried on Page2”?

Google: Where is your Christchurch-based company located? Page 1? Page 1? Page 2? Is there no other place to find it? Did you know that 75% of Google users never go beyond Page 1? The remaining 25% never go beyond Page 2. You’re invisible if you are not on Page 1 or Page 2.

It is a good idea to rank at the top of Google’s search results. SEO Marketing (search engine optimisation) can help you get to Page One if you are not already there. Within 6 months, we managed to get all our clients’ SEO keywords to Page 1 on Google.

Which Type of Business Can SEO Help?

There are 10 companies on the first page of Google for every search term. Your business will be left behind if it isn’t on the first page. Each day thousands of people use Google to search for what they need and want. To make the most of this opportunity, your business will need to be at Page 1.

Hot Leads Search Every Day for You (Or Your Competitors).

Google searches are more active than other marketing strategies and people searching for information on your products/services have a greater intent to convert. The biggest obstacle for businesses in Christchurch is the lack knowledge and expertise required to get their website on the first page of search results.

Local Christchurch Searches

Did you know that Google searches are 20% location-specific? People are now able to search the web for local businesses and services. While most people do a “near” search when searching for a service, others may include the location in their search query.

Did you know that 4 out 5 people use Google to search for local information? People search for ‘Tattoo artist Merivale’, ‘Locksmith Port Hills’, and ‘Florist Cashmere’ every day. Without SEO, all those searches would be sent to your competitors. If your business depends on local customers, being at the top of Google’s search results can help increase its reach.

Are You a victim of SEO in the past?

We keep our clients happy. We are proud of our old-fashioned customer service. Clients choose us because they trust our communication, strong customer support, and most importantly, results.

We have helped hundreds of Kiwi websites to fly high in Google search. Let us work on your site and you will soon be on the 1st page too. SEO Marketing’s digital marketing team can help you bring in more web traffic.

SEO Services

Our SEO team provides a variety of services, including keyword research, competitor analysis, on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Link building, technical SEO. Mobile SEO. Schema, Google penalty removal. Local SEO. Creative SEO. E-commerce SEO.

Is your website not making you money?

An SEO audit will help you determine if your current SEO strategy isn’t delivering the results that you want. An SEO audit will allow you to identify the reasons your website isn’t ranking well.

SEO Audit

A customised SEO audit will be done to suit your industry, business and competitors. Your site will be analysed on many SEO factors, including site speed, content and backlinks. We also analyse competitors’ websites.

Our goal with every SEO audit is to help you improve your website’s online presence. For a comprehensive overview and detailed insight, we will conduct both on-site and off-site audits.

On-site SEO audits include page speed analysis, historical issues, and an extensive content review. This identifies duplicate content, poor optimisation, thin copy, and target issues.

Our off-site SEO audit will include a review of external factors like PR, social media marketing, and a detailed look at your competitors in order to identify wins for your SEO campaign.

Our SEO campaigns include an in-depth analysis about your target audience and how they search for products/services. We also show you how to present your offerings as the answer to their queries.

What happens when you decide to start

This process begins with us getting to know you, your company, your competitors, and your target audience. Our SEO specialists in Christchurch can use this 360-degree view to help you design an SEO strategy that gets the right people to the right pages on your website.

Are you concerned that your website might be penalised?

Contact us immediately if you have any questions about your website’s Google penalties.

The process to remove a Google penalty begins with an SEO audit. This includes aspects such as keyword density, content quality (duplicate and over-optimised content), user signals and text-to-html ratio.

Our team has been able to remove penalties from clients in a variety of industries, including retail, real estate, e-commerce, and manufacturing. We also have experience with challenging sectors such as healthcare and betting.

SEOMarketing’s SEO specialists in Christchurch can assist businesses that have been hit with a Google penalty. We can remove Google penalties quickly and efficiently for small businesses, start-ups, national brands, and enterprises. We can also tweak your existing SEO strategy to ensure your site is compliant with Google’s most recent SEO guidelines.

These updates aim to ensure that only high quality pages are listed in the SERPs. Google wants websites that are trustworthy, authoritative, and knowledgeable to be ranked high. This can negatively impact many businesses.

Google’s algorithm undergoes over 550 changes and updates in a single year. You should also consider major updates such as Panda, Penguin and BERT which can have a significant impact on your site’s search engine rankings.

We want to ensure that your site is optimised for technical factors. We review aspects such as accessibility, page load speed, and mobile responsiveness.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

If you are ready to start getting more leads and sales from your website, it’s time you contact us to discuss your project.

We have a package that fits your budget and your needs, and all our clients see improvements in their rankings in the first 6 months period.