SEO & Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents in Auckland Who Want To Become the Authority in Their Local Areas

Real estate in Auckland is a very competitive market. Showing up at the top of Google for “real estate + your local area” is a game changer and sets you apart from your competition.

Most consumers use the internet (increasingly on smartphones) to help them make purchase decisions, online and off. When someone searches for a property agent online in your local area, it’s not a matter of “if” they are going to work with an agent, but a matter of “who” they are going to choose.

The maths is simple. If you are not showing up online, they won’t choose you.

Many Kiwi agents have successfully been using Facebook as a way to build their brand on their local areas. This works well because Facebook lets you target your ads to a specific location where your prospects live, so there is little advertising spend waste.

Additionally, you can target interests and behaviours, such as “house hunting”, or “first home buyers”, and so on. These advanced targeting options allow you to cater your message to the right people. You have to be careful however with narrowing your targeting too much because Facebook Ads’ algorithm doesn’t work well with very small audiences.

Is Facebook Ads The Best Digital Marketing Option for Auckland Based Real Estate Agents?

I don’t think so. Although it works well, there is a superior option available to agents who want to build their online presence.

Let me ask you a question: would you rather interrupt someone to tell them how good of an agent you are? Or would you, instead, wait for them to ask about an agent and show up at the right time with the right answer to their question?

While the former still works well, it is more expensive and increasingly difficult as more and more agents jump on the social media advertising wagon.

Being relevant and showing up with the right answers for the questions that your prospects are asking is a far less intrusive way of marketing, and it creates Trust and Authority in the minds of your prospects.

In marketing terms, this is referred to as “push marketing” versus “pull marketing”.

Relevant “Pull” Marketing Is Superior

If you are reading between the lines, I am proposing that “pull marketing” is far superior and often overlooked because… well because it’s less glamorous I guess.

It may appear more fun and sophisticated to show up on people’s Facebook and Instagram feeds than ranking for some obscure keyword phrase that only gets a handful of searches a month.

But… as fun as it may be to enjoy local Facebook celebrity status… when someone searches in Google for “agent specialised in luxury homes + location”… they are not looking for a social media star, they are looking for a very specific type of expertise. And the agent who dominates that corner of the internet is the most likely to get that client.

When someone searches for something so specific like office space for rent at Vero Centre building, do you think they’ll trust the agent who satisfied their information query, or the agent who is interrupting their social media feed?

I think the answer is pretty obvious.

How Do You Know what Keywords You Should Rank for in Real Estate?

This is where 99% of real estate agents in New Zealand are missing a great opportunity. The biggest mistake here is only targeting keywords that show up in the keyword tools.

This is a mistake shared with SEO experts by the way. Even those with many years of experience.

But the reality is that MOST of the long tail phrases that are typed into Google are not displayed in the keyword tools. So while using keyword tools may be useful as a starting point to get some content ideas, limiting your content strategy to those keywords is a surefire way of limiting the scope and reach of your marketing, and what’s worse: competing head to head with everyone else who is also using those tools.

At SEO Marketing we have a unique approach to dominate every corner of the internet where your prospects may be lurking and searching for answers.


Your prospects are starving for an agent they can trust and guide them through the emotionally charged journey of switching properties. If you build your brand omnipresence by consistently answering the questions they are asking, you’ll be at the top of their minds (in an unobtrusive way) when the time comes for them to make a decision.

At SEO Marketing we run effective campaigns that get your content ranking for hundreds of keyword phrases that your prospects are typing into Google every day. When you consistently show up and answer these questions with your expertise in your local area, you become the Local Authority.

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