What Our Clients Say


Marcos has done an exceptional job for us and always focused on delivering results not just spending our money. With so many options out there we are very grateful to be able to have a partner like Marcos who we can trust and understands our business.​
Adam Thomson

Director – AT Realty & 360 Property Management

There’s a saturation of digital marketers out there and even more so guys that talk the talk, but rarely do you find someone who walks the walk, but Marcos is that guy. I really enjoy his straight shooting approach. When you hand over the reins to him and let him do what he does best…my gosh it’s awesome. I’m really stoked that I pulled the trigger myself personally. It’s been a 3X investment since November last year, and this year with some scale we are on track and forecasting 5 to 10x, easily.​
Matt Willoughby

Financial Advisor & Entrepreneur

We partnered with Marcos to undertake market validation using Facebook Ads.  We valued his’ expertise, integrity and efficiency.  Marcos was refreshingly proactive in suggesting/instigating various solutions to barriers we came across and was someone we could rely on to get the job done, and well. Marcos knows what’s he’s doing and provides results..​
Janey Carr

Co-Founder at Globex

Since engaging Marcos my online enquiry has quadrupled. Without ranking well, there really was no point having a website. I have found Marcos reliable, honest and a true professional..​
Tom Rawson

Top Performing Real Estate Professional

I have used Marcos for a number of different SEO projects over the years as I know I will always get quality work delivered with a great depth of understanding around all aspects of SEO. Marcos possess the rare talent of not only being able to think in a strategic manner when it comes to SEO but he is also very hands on and practical and is able to implement the strategies he recommends..​
Brad Guthrie

General Manager Search Republic

We have used Marcos to undertake our SEO services for over two years now. His expertise is second to none, his strategy worked really well for us, and we have seen strong gains over a long period now.
Our business relies heavily on getting good quality traffic, and he showed us the benefits of having a strong, consistant and disciplined approach to online marketing.
Our rise in rankings has been strong but steady, there were no over night miracles, just sustainable results built upon a strong foundation.​
Jitendra Patel

Digital Marketer